Blot Painted Pitcher in Grey

Hand-made, terra cotta stoneware with a graphic, painterly glaze. The glaze is food safe. It is a very durable tin glaze. Bottoms are unglazed and hand polished with diamond pad and finished off with hot bees wax. This seals the clay and brings out the deep natural red colour of terracotta.
Imperfections add character to a handmade piece. These do not have an effect on its function.

As any other hand made object these too need a special care.
The tableware range is absolutely fine to be washed in a dishwasher on a low/ normal cycle. The dishwasher is better because the hot air dries the pieces out. The bottoms are unglazed and if left soaking in a sink for long will absorb water. This will dry out quite quick as they are so fine. If you are hand washing them, please give them time to dry out before returning to the cupboards or placing them on a wooden furniture.
Additionally, it is recommended to use a placemat or table cloth if to be placed on a special wooden table. They shouldn’t scratch but sometimes there might be an unnoticed speckle of clay sticking out.

7.5 inches tall x 4.5 inch diameter 
hand made in the UK