Red Cardinal Beaded and Embroidered Pin

Mating for life, these songbirds are quite romantic. The male Red Cardinal feeds the female beak-to-beak during courtship and responds to her song by getting her juicy bites. Named by American colonist after the red-gowned, religious figures, the crimson red comes directly from their diet of berries and will fade away if they can’t find them

Size : 6.5 cm l x 2 cm w, 2.6" x 0.8"

Material : Cotton, Felt, Metal, Sequins & Beads; Hand embroidered
Handmade in India.
Produced in Small Batches by Artisans.

Slight variation in embroidery, size, shape and color is part of the handmade craft and may be apparent between pieces; this is not considered a defect but is celebrated as a mark of made by hand.