Porcelain Cup Mug Sunlit Creme

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Ideal for drinking wine or any spirits on the rocks. You may also  use them for sauces, individual dips, nuts, as a salt cellar...

These cups are part of the Umbra Collection, where a refined clay slip containing minerals & oxides is applied by hand during the most fragile stage, referred to as bone dry. The outcome is one unique coloration each time, and varieties in color, texture, and application will give the cups its distinctive appearance. The interior is finished with a clear glossy glaze which contrasts the matte exterior.

The vessel you receive will vary from the pictures as they will be specifically for you. The asymmetry, roughness, and irregularities of the cup are expressions of a human-made object.

  • 3.25 inch diameter x 2 inch high
  • 10 oz capacity
  • Translucent English Porcelain
  • Made in New York City