Burnt Out Willow Stump Side Table 01
Burnt Out Willow Stump Side Table 01 Burnt Out Willow Stump Side Table 01
Lovely little willow side table - hand crafted upstate!
  • one of a kind 
  • soft as a baby's butt
  • 12 inch diameter (widest part) x 21 inch high
  • handmade upstate NY by Fred Van de Bunt
  • not intended as a stool
  • Willow log burned from the inside

He may be an editorial hairstylist when he’s in NYC, but Dutchman, Fred Van de Bunt becomes a woodsman when he escapes the city for his West Hurley home near Woodstock on weekends. A few years ago, he and his Love, designer Megan Guip (@wilhelmnyc), bought what was considered a tear down home in West Hurley, NY. Since then Fred has practically rebuilt it. Milling the wood from trees cut down on his property to replace rotting windows and floorboards.
Experimenting with unused trunks of trees, Fred began burning them out to create organic tables for his own home. Now he’s making them for us!
OH AND HE MAKES MAPLES SYRUP TOO, but it's in very limited supply!

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