Toy Set
Toy Set Toy Set
This wooden toy set features a delightful collection of five different organic toys in a modern inspired collection. Efficiently bundled in an organic cotton bag and filled to the brim with endless possibilities, this imaginative play toy set will keep your child entertained and educated for hours.

The purchase of this organic toy set includes the following wooden toys:
- Two 3.5 inch peg dolls
- One 1.5 inch block
- One mini scoop measuring 3 inches long
- One mini bowl measuring 1.25 by 2.5 inches
- One wooden hand kite with rainbow ribbon tales measuring 3 inches long

All of these toys are easily wrapped up in a 100% cotton bag that measures 7 by 6 inches.
Small enough to be placed inside a diaper bag, purse, car or travel bag this organic toy set can go
wherever your little one does.

We lovingly handcraft our wooden toys using only the highest quality raw woods, organic materials and finish them with a polishing of 100% organic coconut oil. Each toy is meticulously made in our smoke free studio and sent to your home with our personal guarantee for durability and fun.

We recommend using water and vinegar to wipe down the pieces as needed.