Copper Perforated Work Light Sconce

This perforated copper wall sconce has a wood handle. The backless sconce with perforation extends light out through the holes, into the room ahead. It can provide up lighting or down lighting, particularly through the perforated holes and the wooden base, allows for the light to be manipulated/moved from left to right. The simple bar tightens the joint to keep it in place. It has an on/off knob at the shade, a brown twisted cloth cord and a plug. Resembles a shovel. 

For use with LED BULB ONLY : LED bulbs not only use less energy but also give off less heat. Leather will dry out when exposed to excessive heat. We provide an LED bulb with each light. 

DIMENSIONS:  4.5 inch wooden handle  /  7 inch height of top of copper to bottom of copper   /  9 inch circumference of copper 

PERFORATION: 16 holes  /  5 nails on base of copper