Nude Leather and Wood Low Back Carob Stool

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This minimal stool combines clean lines with quality material: solid white oak and vegetable-tanned leather from a multi-generation family-run Italian tannery in Tuscany. Made using traditional joinery techniques with exposed tenons visible throughout. Available in bar or counter height.

For the Carob stool, Sun at Six designed around what we like in a stool - a wide, cushioned, comfortable seat, a practical footrest, and an easily moveable form from all angles in a crowded space. The stool was designed around minimizing its horizontal footprint, maximizing the available space at the bar. Please note that we make each piece by hand, and every tree is different, so you’ll see slight variations in color and pattern. These aren’t machine made, and we use solid wood, not veneer or engineered wood!

• Solid white oak
• Tenna oil finish
• Handcrafted with traditional joinery

Bar Height: 19.75”W x 19”D x 36”H
Seat Height: 30”, Seat Depth: 17”

Counter Height: 19.5”W x 19”D x 31”H *ONLY 1 AVAILABLE
Seat Height: 25”, Seat Depth: 17”