Pivot Mobile Black / Brass

The Pivot Mobile is a new more petite version of our best-selling Swivel Mobile, its smaller size lends more versatility in incorporating it into your decor. The geometric combination of the natural black patina and the brass give warmth to any contemporary living space. The slow kinetic movement of balanced shapes is mesmerizing.

Handcrafted in Austin, Texas.

Dimensions: Hangs 27" from the ceiling including a 9" top chain. The body of the mobile is 13" H x 9" W

Weight: 1.5 lbs

Materials: Made entirely of brass components, each meticulously sanded, buffed, polished and then finished with a durable lacquer. The deep, naturally nuanced black is achieved through the reaction of brass dipped in blackening patina prior to finishing.

Installation + Care: Hang from an anchored hook in the ceiling. Intended for indoor use. Exposure to the elements will cause the natural brass patina process to accelerate, and it could damage the black patina finish. Wipe with a dry cloth.