Japanese Gold and Stainless Steel Knives
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The traditional Japanese knife shape, Deba Knife, 11inch, is used on other meats. It's intended for chopping of large diameter bones nor should it be used by slamming down the knife like a cleaver. For the best results, please put pressure on the spine of the knife to put clean and precise cuts.

 Zig Zag Knife, 10 inch, tip is serrated, for cutting soft to semi-hard cheese

Scalloped Knife, 11.5 inch, serrated edge, for cutting meats

Straight Knife, 11 inch, for peeling and cutting fruits and vegetables

  • Stainless steel: martensite steel

  • 99.9% pure 24k gold plating

  • Delicate

  • Hand wash, towel-dry completely before storing

  • Not dishwasher safe

  • Hand-crafted, each product may differ slightly

  • Weight: 80 - 90 grams