Blot Ceramics Featured in Vogue!

Abandon Plastic Bottles: Delightful Drinking Vessels to Keep at Your Desk

One morning last fall, Condé Nast employees sat down to their desks and found their black, office-issued waste bins replaced with versions in bright blue—there was now a recycling bin for every desk and only a couple trash cans per floor. I chose to see the introduction of the recycling bin (my Yves Klein-blue basket, if you will) as an opportunity to fold a bit of environmentally-conscious romance into my mundane office routine, and I convinced myself that my long-held attempts to reduce waste and increase hydration would be a surefire success if only I had an exquisite water carafe and tumbler set by my side. Shop the Blot Collection of stoneware here.

Visit the Vogue feature here.

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