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Designer gift guide: 11 NYC creatives share what they’re giving (and what they want) this holiday By Michelle Cohen December 19th, 2022

6sqft has once again asked a handful of New York City designers, architects, and artists to share a few things they plan on gifting–or, perhaps, hope to receive–this season. Read on for dozens of unique and unexpected items curated by some of the city’s most talented creatives. We promise a bounty of ideas and inspiration to choose from if you happen to find yourself scrambling for a gift. 

Michele Varian, designer, owner, Michele Varian

Brass Keychain. Now that recreational pot is officially legal in NYC, we’ve made a point of stocking our favorite smoke accessories. This piece is my personal favorite, and I will be gifting it to my most special someone, who has been making do with pretty rudimentary tools until now. Everything about this “smoke kit” appeals to me: The tiny carry canister, the lighter case, both with inlaid opal, a dainty joint holder, and an even daintier pokey stick for “?.” The fine details and workmanship of these pieces is courtesy of one of our longtime jewelers, who has expanded her collection to include this passion project of smoke accessories.

Cloudy Print Linen Pillow. This piece is from my newly launched collection, which is up for an award this year. It is from one of my paintings, and I love the way it looks like the texture of the old plaster walls after we removed the wallpaper in our house growing up.

Lapiz Lazuli Gold Signet Ring. I’ve been coveting this ring myself. It is universally loved by all who see it, no matter what their personal style is. Best of all, it is made by one of my longtime co-workers, Hayley, who has become a jeweler herself after being around so much jewelry here at the shop.

Skylark Glaze Mug. Like the cloudy pillow, the surface of this mug has so many layers of texture. It is part of a newly launched collection by one of my oldest friends, who, like me, used to be a fashion designer. The glaze process itself is a labor of love. So many layers and steps, finished with hand-burnishing the color until just the right amount of transparency has been achieved.

Zig Zag Terra Cotta Pot. This is a brand new ceramicist for us, which we are importing from the UK. Each piece is hand-painted and no two are alike. I’ve been having a hard time deciding which piece will be coming home with me–because one certainly will!

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