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New Releases to Look For at Euroluce

The 30th edition of the biennial Euroluce lighting exhibition promises a refined, contemporary feel.

This year, as it has every second spring since 1976, Milan will host Euroluce, a lighting extravaganza that pulls together design and technological innovations from far and wide. In recent editions, purveyors at the trade fair have boasted about energy conservation as much as production prowess—as they should, considering that simply switching from an incandescent to an LED bulb can cut electricity use by a factor of ten. There’s a sustainability argument to be made, too, for better designs, produced with less material, that we keep longer. It’s certainly a comforting one for those of us who like to justify acquiring nice things. So perhaps it’s a reflection of our paradoxically ascetic yet consumerist times that, as this selection of products shows, Euroluce will feature new lighting designs that manage both material rationing and a sumptuous quality. Lines are slim, trimmed back, minimalist, but exude joy— from Michele Varian’s whimsical and otherworldly brass wall sconce, to a cleverly customizable system of blown glass and tubes by Gabriel Scott, to a persimmon-and-mint desk friend from Foscarini.

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