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Primary Brass Lamp on Sight Unseen

Croissant Lamps and Bauhaus Blankets: The 2019 Sight Unseen Gift Guide, Part III

For today’s gift guide, we turned the tables, asking some of our favorite designers and influencers to share their best gifts for giving and receiving. The results were kiiiinda great — who wouldn’t want a croissant-shaped lamp (that’s Ellen Van Dusen’s pick), a portable jacuzzi (chef Angela Dimayuga), or a shiny pink purse adorned with fruit salad (interior designer Sally Breer)? Over on Instagram, you’ll have the chance to win four of the coolest items from this guide, pictured up top — a geometric brass lamp, a pair of hand-cast bookends, a mirror-polished ashtray and catchall, and a matte green tray to display all the new smalls you’re sure to have acquired this holiday season. Happy gifting!

Opening image, styled by Sean Dooley and photographed by Cody Guilfoyle: Brass Primary Shapes Lamp by Michele Varian, $840; Henge Bookends by Umé Studio for WorkOf, $245; Torei Tray by New Tendency, $219; Terrace Ashtray by Tetra, $110

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