I’m thinking of a new location!

Where should the next Michele Varian be? Austin? Toronto? San Fran? Brooklyn?  - What neighborhood/city should it be in? Let me know by commenting below.

For those of you who have already commented, I really appreciat it. I definitely want to go where my fans are! Keep 'em coming...



Peggy Clark:

Please check out The Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri which Hosts both trendy and traditional shops enjoyed by locals as well as tourist from all across the USA.
Lawrence, Kansas is a fabulous college town where the University of Kansas resides. Massachuttes Street
(better known as Mass) has lots of small town charm but very unique shops enjoyed by folks near and far. Students @ KU hail from every state in the USA and 131 countries with parents visiting several times throughout the year (who love to shop).
Town Center Plaza is an upscale outdoor mall in Leawood,Kansas which is a suburb of Kansas City. They host both traditional and trendy shops as well.
If you are confused, there is both a Kansas City, Kansas and a Kansas City, Missouri and both have several suburban areas with shops so Keep the Midwest in mind!
Good Luck!

Dec 15, 2017



Dec 15, 2017

Sian Ballen:

Michele, As much as I would welcome you in my hood, the UES, I think my son’s new home in Oakland, ca. more sense.
Still would love to interview you for NYSD House if you are interested. Sian Ballen

Dec 14, 2017

Spin Ceramics:

Hi Michele,

Come join us in Miami at the Design District. Great opportunity to get in on the ground floor (literally).

Hope to see you soon.

Kind Regards,


Dec 14, 2017

Theresa Lee:

Austin, TX

Dec 14, 2017

Elaine McCurdy:


Dec 13, 2017

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