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Five years ago, I discovered, thanks to the regretted INTERIEURS show, the incredible loft boutique of the creator Michele Varian. And if you follow me a little, you know my interest in singular places with very strong personality!
Look instead: we are in New York in the mythical district of Soho ...
The loft is an authentic warehouse from 1890 and all the codes of the real loft are there: there are brick walls, carved tin-plate ceilings, woodwork and moldings, large windows, glass roof and well- sure the rustic and patinated parquet ...
In short, an incredible and historic setting that Michele Varian and her husband rocker, Brad Roberts, leader of the group Crash Test Dummies have invested with an eclectic, bohemian and very very Arty.
  The peculiarity of the place, besides being an incredible cabinet of curiosities, is that it is both the home of Michele and also his shop and his style office.
Michele Varian's creations or finds are mixed with Art Deco chic with cushions and wallpapers embellished with copper or brass, there are also details in the purest "bloomsburry" style that give a touch of "eclectic cabinet of curiosities", and finally, there is a bohemian and colorful touch with carpets and objects brought back from his travels in India in particular.
In short a charming capharnaüm or a child ... we would like to touch everything and try everything!
But the best is to let you soak up the place by reviewing this nice report on the show INTERIORS:
Interiors Interview & Tour
 To continue the experience you can visit the site of MICHELE VARIAN.
And if you have the chance to wander around New York, here is his address:
27 Howard Street
New York, NY 10013
Ph: 212.343.0033
Monday - Friday 11am - 7pm
Saturday Sunday 11am - 6pm
Photo Credits: Michele Varian, Pinterest, Kimberly Wang, Bruce Buck and Gerald Foster

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