Komo Mini Vases Set of 3

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 Create a decorative still life with the family of Komo Mini Vases. The small, chubby vases come in a set of three that all have their own reactive glaze, giving each of them a unique expression. Use them on your favorite bookshelf together with other cherished objects, on the table with single stem flowers or place a tray underneath to use them for incense sticks.

Size: W: 3.35 x H: 1.42 x D: 1.26 in
Material: Stoneware with reactive glaze
Vase 1: Ø: 32 x H: 24 mm / Ø: 1.26 x H: 0.94 in. Vase 2: Ø: 26.5 x H: 36 mm / Ø: 1.04 x H: 1.42 in Vase 3: Ø: 27 x H: 27 mm / Ø: 1.06 x H: 1.07 in
Care instructions: Rinse in lukewarm water