Large Plate Slate Gray

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Simplicity, executed with conviction this Large Plate is, well, practically Platonic. With a shallow rim – and at more than 11 inches across – versatility and elegance work hand in hand. 

Clean, modern, minimal lines in sturdy stoneware make this collection of ceramic dinnerware perfect for entertaining at any dining table. With rich reactive glazes that contrast with its bare rims, the collection’s handmade feel gives it a compelling tactility. Mix or match the colors. They look beautiful together. Ideal for dining on laps, on the table, as a stand-alone statement or part of a broader palette.

Stoneware with raw edge and rich, reactive glaze

Dishwasher and Microwave Safe

Width 11.3 inches (28.78cm) / Depth 11.3 inches (28.75cm) / Height 1 inch (2.78cm)