Brass Pebble Necklace 04

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On our annual summer sojourn to Canada, Sasha and I discovered thirty ancient rocks, each with natural holes born of wind, water, sand and time. These special fossils have long been considered naturally occurring talismans. They have protective and healing powers; they bring their bearer sweet luck. Some also believe that their holes are windows through which you can connect to other worlds.

Once we learned about the power and symbolism of the stones, I decided to cast them in a polished brass to let their beauty and magic shine.

Harness the enchanting and mystical power of these stones as jewelry or as totems for your home. Wear on a chain to hold the faeries close to your heart, allowing their energy to permeate your own, inspiring good for years to come. Allow these stones to become family heirlooms, and pass on the power of nature to future generations.

Dimensions - 24mm long, 20-23mm wide