I’m thinking of a new location!

Where should the next Michele Varian be? Austin? Toronto? San Fran? Brooklyn?  - What neighborhood/city should it be in? Let me know by commenting below.

For those of you who have already commented, I really appreciat it. I definitely want to go where my fans are! Keep 'em coming...



Bronwyn Brunner:

Come to S.F!

Jan 08, 2018


I second Kansas City, Missouri – I stayed in a boutique hotel there and the styling was impeccable. I opened a pillow to see who made it (an indy) Second vote is Rockland, Maine. Galleries, boutiques (check out Beth Bowley’s 412 and the adorable sewing store Clementine), a handful of posh hotels make this a destination for many. Pick three: Omaha, Nebraska. Same vibe as Austin but more authentic.

Jan 07, 2018


Cleveland. It is a huge arts community with talented artistic people.

Jan 07, 2018

Kim Gordon:

You are on the East Coast now and can do online easy.

Either San Francisco or Vancouver!

Jan 07, 2018

G. Ayala:

Austin, TX. (I’m certain hotelier Liz Lambert would be a fan, if she isn’t already.)

Dec 29, 2017

Nancy R Kornegay:

Ditto the Houston comments! Lots of cool up and coming areas in which to locate—The Heights Edo (east of downtown)—or established ares like West University, Rice University area.

E-mail me and I can send you more info. Would love to talk to you about the business venture.


Dec 24, 2017

Laura Tulumbas Fenster:

Hi Love!!!
Come to dallas! This city needs you.
Happy almost birthday!!!

Dec 24, 2017

Megan Emery:

Girl, come to Chattanooga!

Dec 20, 2017


In Houston Texas please!!??Houston is becoming an incredible city, with lots of art, foodies, international crowd, wealthy people with big houses modern and traditional, your store would be a huge success! I will volunteer for you if you need!
Come! You would be located in the upper Kirby area or in the River Oaks district, both chic and trendy! Believe me, your store will be the IT STORE !
We are waiting for YOU Michelle VARIAN!❤️

Dec 19, 2017


Boston MA on newbury street or Harvard square in Cambridge MA

Dec 18, 2017

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